Post-Match Thoughts – Game 4 – Sporting Kansas City 1, NYCFC 0

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Belated thoughts after the first loss in New York City FC history.

It’s a small sample size but thus far the club has gone on the road for draws, while saving the results for home. With nearly three weeks to go until the next home game (Philadelphia Union, April 16th) it’s likely that last night was the last cold weather setting we’ll have to endure – at least until the playoffs.

New York’s crowd is a work in progress. There was a different atmosphere in the building last night. The opener two weeks ago felt like a major event, this time around things were more subdued. The game was officially a sell-out with 27,454 in attendance but the upper deck was closed off so it still felt fairly empty. Obviously drawing 25,000+ is great, the club and league will be thrilled if that keeps up all season, but it just highlights another drawback of playing in Yankee Stadium. The place is simply too big for the usual MLS crowd. [Read more…]

Post-Match Thoughts – Game 3 – NYCFC 0, Colorado Rapids 0



For the second time this season, Josh Saunders was Man of the Match. Through three games Saunders has been the only constant for New York. He’s providing the club with the exact qualities Jason Kreis and Claudio Reyna were likely targeting when they acquired him – consistency and veteran leadership.

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Post-Match Thoughts – Game 2 – NYCFC 2, New England Revolution 0

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It was a night of firsts as New York City FC hosted the defending Eastern Conference Champions.  The first game at Yankee Stadium – a venue that will be the club’s home for at least one season – and also New York’s first-ever win.  Over 43,000 showed up and the hosts provided the requisite fireworks.  Here’s what caught my attention. [Read more…]

A Brief History of Home Openers in MLS and New York City

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With New York City FC opening its temporary home this weekend, I thought it’d be nice to take a look back at how these things have gone in the past. Two groups seemed appropriate to focus on – prior MLS Expansion teams, and other New York Metro area sports franchises.

In compiling this information I was hoping to find some sort of trend. Maybe a surge of emotion propels the home team to victory far more often than would otherwise be expected. Or perhaps the opposite is true – the pressure of the moment is overwhelming and the hosts are normally doomed. At the very least the setting should produce memorable moments – comebacks, dramatic winners, games that can be explained in a sentence and become part of team lore – right? [Read more…]

Post-Match Thoughts – Game 1 – NYCFC 1, Orlando City SC 1

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The first match in NYCFC history almost ended in victory, but an extra-time goal from Kaka salvaged a point for Orlando in the Citrus Bowl. A draw was probably all New York deserved from a match that the hosts dominated for long stretches. Here are a few thoughts on the game: [Read more…]

Who Are These Guys? NYCFC 2015 Roster – Midfield

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New York City FC’s midfield is the deepest unit on the roster and also the most experienced.  It’s also the group that’s gotten the most attention in recent months, with Frank Lampard and Mix Diskerud dominating headlines and discussion boards.  This is the engine that will drive NYCFC in 2015.  There’s a lot to cover so let’s get started. [Read more…]

Who Are These Guys? NYCFC 2015 Roster – Forwards

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From day one New York City FC has taken an attack-minded approach.  The club’s first-ever signing and first-ever draft pick (David Villa and Khiry Shelton respectively) hammered that notion home.  While there are concerns about the defense, NYC should score enough to keep pace with most opponents no matter how much the back line struggles.  With a healthy mix of proven veterans and exciting young prospects, Jason Kreis has sufficient options at his disposal to create a potent, consistent threat up front.  Let’s take a look. [Read more…]

Who Are These Guys? NYCFC 2015 Roster – Goalkeepers


In the first portion of this NYCFC roster rundown we covered the defense.  When that unit fails it’ll be up to these guys to save the day.  New York has three solid options to choose from in net, each of them has taken their own roundabout path to New York.  For Akira Fitzgerald it’s a first taste of MLS.  For Ryan Meara it’s a chance for redemption after losing the starting job with the team across the river. And for Josh Saunders New York is the next (last?) step in a successful career. [Read more…]

Who Are These Guys? NYCFC 2015 Roster – Defense


Heading into the 2015 season the back line of New York City FC is the club’s biggest area of concern.  Goals should be relatively easy to come by with an attack led by club captain David Villa.  The midfield is deep and talented with a mix of MLS veterans, exciting young players and, at some point down the line, Manchester City’s Frank Lampard.

Despite all the talent up front, the club won’t accomplish anything if it’s hemorrhaging goals.  That’s where these guys come in. [Read more…]

City Voice – A Small Step in the Right Direction by NYCFC

MegaphoneWhen I received a notification about “City Voice” from NYCFC this week I was skeptical to say the least. The introductory email promised, “an online community for soccer fans that allows you to have input on how the Club is created.”

A little late for that.

No matter, I was still curious so I registered to see what exactly the team had put together. I was expecting some sort of forum with occasional fan polls on the sidebar. Instead it looks like a nice little tool for fans to participate in the decision making process for some smaller details around the team. Here’s a look at the launch of the platform. [Read more…]