Daily Links – May 3, 2015

Decided to start incorporating this going forward – I’m checking articles most days anyway, might as well compile them for others to read. [Read more…]

Why I Bought a New York Cosmos Season Ticket

RocketLaunchLast week, while browsing the internet/Twitter, I happened upon the New York Cosmos website – specifically the season ticket page.  Or season ticket deposit page (details).  The rebirth of the Cosmos – who will begin play in the recently re-booted North American Soccer League this August – has been of interest to me, but I hadn’t actually considered buying tickets until that moment.

I certainly intended to buy tickets when the Cosmos eventually (inevitably?) joined MLS, complete with an upgraded roster and new stadium.  What I hadn’t really considered was watching the “new” Cosmos in their infancy, playing games at Hofstra University located well west east of the city.  Yet after a few minutes spent thinking about it, including a glance at the schedule (seven of eight games played on Saturday night – convenient), the drive (roughly 40 minutes from Brooklyn), and the price ($96 for eight games) I decided to submit a deposit. [Read more…]

New York Cosmos Belmont Stadium Plan is Intriguing for New York Area Soccer Scene

BlueprintThere might be a hell of a lot of soccer being played in and around New York City very soon.  A recent, unilateral, stadium proposal by the New York Cosmos of the North American Soccer League (NASL) has created an interesting power struggle.  The Cosmos franchise – the most famous and successful in US professional soccer history – has been attempting to reboot for the last few years.  It’s long been assumed that the franchise will eventually link up with Major League Soccer, joining as the league’s 20th team and fulfilling commissioner Don Garber’s wish for a second, high profile, New York area team.  Yet this planned $400 million, 25,000-seat stadium near the existing Belmont Park Race Track puts the franchise in direct competition with MLS, and the league’s proposed stadium near Citi Field in Flushing, Queens.  [Read more…]

Major League Soccer Expansion – Does New York Need the Cosmos?

Although it’s been nearly 28 years since they played a game in the North American Soccer League, the New York Cosmos remain the most famous club team in American history.  Their brief flash across the sports landscape in the 1970’s and 80’s introduced America to the game, its glory and decadence.  Now the club is hoping to launch a new era as the 20th MLS franchise.  Is it a good idea?  Is it viable?  Let’s take a look: [Read more…]