Post Match Thoughts – Game 10 – New York Red Bulls 2, NYCFC 1


New York 2, New York 1

It was a great night in Harrison and the better team won. The first Hudson River Derby (that name still doesn’t feel right) ended 2-1 to Red Bulls, who seized upon opportunities afforded them in a sloppy game from NYCFC. City’s defensive work on Sunday night was easily the worst so far in a season full of lousy performances. Strip away context and this was simply a good Major League Soccer team beating a bad one. But it’s impossible to ignore the real story here, Red Bulls striking first blood in what’s obviously going to become a huge rivalry.  The win likely provided their supporters with equal parts jubilation and relief. [Read more…]

Daily Links – May 3, 2015

Decided to start incorporating this going forward – I’m checking articles most days anyway, might as well compile them for others to read. [Read more…]

New York City FC 2015 Schedule – Quick Reaction

ScheduleFor fans, especially season ticket holders, today’s MLS schedule release warranted special attention even in a generally chaotic news day for the league. It’s a first glimpse at what’s ahead for 2015, and a framework for the narrative to come.

Here’s a quick summary of my thoughts after briefly reviewing NYCFC’s schedule: [Read more…]

Three Thoughts from Red Bull Arena – New York Red Bulls 0, DC United 0

Snow GlobeSummary of an exchange I had many times last night:

“What’d you do earlier today – parade?”

“No I was over at the Red Bulls game.  Good time.”

“Oh yeah, who won?”


And then I’d get that look.  Half sympathetic, as if the result indicated that I’d wasted an afternoon out in Jersey.  Half confused – how can they let things end in a tie?

Yet anyone who watched yesterday knows the score was not at all indicative of the quality or pace of the game.  Journey, not destination, right?  A few thoughts this morning after an up-tempo, chippy, thoroughly entertaining contest in Harrison.

[Read more…]

Thierry Henry is Frustrated, And That’s a Good Thing


Thierry Henry isn’t happy.  An article by Grant Wahl in last week’s Sports Illustrated caught the attention of the MLS community, with mixed reactions.  The widely distributed portion of the three-page article is Henry’s claim that winning a title in Major League Soccer, “is more difficult than in any league in Europe.”  As Wahl notes, there’s nobody better equipped to make such a judgment.  Henry has won at every level, bagging a World Cup, European Championship and a league title in nearly every league he’s competed in – except Serie A, where he played sixteen games, and MLS.

But it wasn’t the initial statement that created waves, it was Henry’s reasoning; “[In Europe], I didn’t have to tell [ex-Arsenal and France teammates] Robert Pires or Patrick Vieira what to do, so I was concentrating on what I had to do.  I’m not having a go at anyone; I’m just saying that it’s easier to have guys who know exactly what it takes.” [Read more…]

I’m Surprised Red Bulls Fans Aren’t Living in Padded Rooms – Question of Club Identity as it Relates to Red Bull New York

PicassoI woke up Sunday morning with good intentions.  After browsing around online for a bit my goal was to do some laundry and get work done.  Then I landed on this post over at Empire of Soccer, and began my descent into the rabbit hole.

First of all, go read that post.  All credit to “RBNY Optimist” for generating the ideas that set me on the path to writing this.  Wish I knew specifically who the writer was so I could give more credit by that chosen handle will have to suffice.  Honestly, go read the post, react in your own way.  This is simply my extended reaction. [Read more…]

Why I Bought a New York Cosmos Season Ticket

RocketLaunchLast week, while browsing the internet/Twitter, I happened upon the New York Cosmos website – specifically the season ticket page.  Or season ticket deposit page (details).  The rebirth of the Cosmos – who will begin play in the recently re-booted North American Soccer League this August – has been of interest to me, but I hadn’t actually considered buying tickets until that moment.

I certainly intended to buy tickets when the Cosmos eventually (inevitably?) joined MLS, complete with an upgraded roster and new stadium.  What I hadn’t really considered was watching the “new” Cosmos in their infancy, playing games at Hofstra University located well west east of the city.  Yet after a few minutes spent thinking about it, including a glance at the schedule (seven of eight games played on Saturday night – convenient), the drive (roughly 40 minutes from Brooklyn), and the price ($96 for eight games) I decided to submit a deposit. [Read more…]

New York Cosmos Belmont Stadium Plan is Intriguing for New York Area Soccer Scene

BlueprintThere might be a hell of a lot of soccer being played in and around New York City very soon.  A recent, unilateral, stadium proposal by the New York Cosmos of the North American Soccer League (NASL) has created an interesting power struggle.  The Cosmos franchise – the most famous and successful in US professional soccer history – has been attempting to reboot for the last few years.  It’s long been assumed that the franchise will eventually link up with Major League Soccer, joining as the league’s 20th team and fulfilling commissioner Don Garber’s wish for a second, high profile, New York area team.  Yet this planned $400 million, 25,000-seat stadium near the existing Belmont Park Race Track puts the franchise in direct competition with MLS, and the league’s proposed stadium near Citi Field in Flushing, Queens.  [Read more…]

Red Bulls Trade Juan Agudelo to Chivas USA

The New York Red Bulls traded 19-year-old striker Juan Agudelo to Chivas USA today in exchange for defender Heath Pearce and allocation money they can use going forward.  Rumors started mid-day that New York was involved in a trade, though initial speculation centered on designated player Rafa Marquez.  Within about half an hour Agudelo’s name was thrown into the mix, and the trade was confirmed shortly thereafter.  It’s a bold move for the Red Bulls and will certainly be an unpopular one for many fans.  Agudelo’s successful stint for the United States about this time last year created a great deal of hype around the young prospect, and the trade further perpetuates the idea that New York is unwilling or unable to develop talent internally.  [Read more…]

Weekend Wrap – Thrilling Finish to the Premier League Season, Red Bulls Keep Rolling

Words won’t suffice in describing the final day of the 2011-12 Premier League season.  If you weren’t tuned for the final forty-five minutes around the league Sunday, you missed a genuinely unique, utterly captivating sequence of events, a finale that will be referenced for decades to come.  That noted we have to say something about what occurred Sunday morning.  The final hour was so chaotic and unpredictable that it’s actually funny to glance at the final standings now and notice that nothing significant has changed from yesterday.  Manchester City is still on top by virtue of a +8 goal differential, but even on points with second place Manchester United.  Arsenal, Tottenham and Newcastle round out the top five.  Everton finished ahead of Liverpool.  Queens Park Rangers survived and Bolton is headed to the Championship next season.  The table was scattered throughout the morning, teams moving up and down minute by minute, go ahead goal here, an equalizer there.  All the pieces up in the air, shocking storylines coming together, then order restored suddenly just before the final whistle of the season, with each major piece falling back into its original place.  [Read more…]