NYCFC on Tape Delay Today – Will it Happen Again?


As everyone knows by now, today’s New York City FC game against Philadelphia will not be broadcast live on local TV due to a conflict with the New York Yankees postgame show. Instead YES will begin the NYCFC broadcast on tape delay at 5pm, an hour after kickoff. While this kind of arrangement might have worked 35 years ago it’s a more of an issue today. Like many fans I prefer to watch the game while simultaneously monitoring Twitter, reddit and various other online platforms. It’s basically impossible in 2015 to pretend the game isn’t happening for an hour while waiting for a delayed broadcast to start. [Read more…]

A Brief History of Home Openers in MLS and New York City

Be Alert

With New York City FC opening its temporary home this weekend, I thought it’d be nice to take a look back at how these things have gone in the past. Two groups seemed appropriate to focus on – prior MLS Expansion teams, and other New York Metro area sports franchises.

In compiling this information I was hoping to find some sort of trend. Maybe a surge of emotion propels the home team to victory far more often than would otherwise be expected. Or perhaps the opposite is true – the pressure of the moment is overwhelming and the hosts are normally doomed. At the very least the setting should produce memorable moments – comebacks, dramatic winners, games that can be explained in a sentence and become part of team lore – right? [Read more…]