Post-Match Thoughts – Game 6 – NYCFC 1, Philadelphia Union 1



Going into the back-to-back games with Philadelphia – widely considered the worst team in MLS heading into last weekend – most agreed that New York had a good chance of picking up six points, four if you were being conservative. Instead they came away with one. Jason Kreis’ side controlled large chunks of both games, but missed chances and late defensive lapses proved costly. [Read more…]

Post-Match Thoughts – Game 5 – Philadelphia Union 2, NYCFC 1

Liberty Bell


I watched this game on tape delay.

My setup for watching the loss against Philadelphia was less than ideal. The delayed start meant the game conflicted with other Saturday evening plans. I knew it would be hard to watch “live” so I set the DVR and headed out hoping for the best. Things didn’t really work out. I spent the evening tracking the score on my phone and managed to catch some of the delayed broadcast in a crowded bar. It wasn’t until this afternoon that I had an opportunity to sit down and watch the game in full. [Read more…]

Weekend Wrap – Thrilling Finish to the Premier League Season, Red Bulls Keep Rolling

Words won’t suffice in describing the final day of the 2011-12 Premier League season.  If you weren’t tuned for the final forty-five minutes around the league Sunday, you missed a genuinely unique, utterly captivating sequence of events, a finale that will be referenced for decades to come.  That noted we have to say something about what occurred Sunday morning.  The final hour was so chaotic and unpredictable that it’s actually funny to glance at the final standings now and notice that nothing significant has changed from yesterday.  Manchester City is still on top by virtue of a +8 goal differential, but even on points with second place Manchester United.  Arsenal, Tottenham and Newcastle round out the top five.  Everton finished ahead of Liverpool.  Queens Park Rangers survived and Bolton is headed to the Championship next season.  The table was scattered throughout the morning, teams moving up and down minute by minute, go ahead goal here, an equalizer there.  All the pieces up in the air, shocking storylines coming together, then order restored suddenly just before the final whistle of the season, with each major piece falling back into its original place.  [Read more…]